Our annual classes for 2023-24

Python Programming

In the Python course, participants will explore and learn the Python programming language and its basic capabilities. The course includes an understanding of programming principles, correct coding practices in the format of today's technological standards, use of external libraries, and familiarity with terms from the field of artificial intelligence (AI). The course includes the development of a bot that uses artificial intelligence on the "Discord" platform.

In the course, the students will receive a wide variety of tools, with which they can program at a high level and use external libraries in their programming. In this way, students will be able to implement the software and will have the necessary tools to program websites, smart bots, simple artificial intelligence software, and anything that supports the Python language.

Learning in the course will be project-based, meaning participants will learn how to program certain things and then combine them into a project. In this way, the students will be able to practically apply what they learned in class, as well as present a product of practical software every few weeks.

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Programming in Minecraft

In this course, you will learn how to use the wonderful game of Minecraft to experience, create, and think in new ways. Minecraft is a game where you can build amazing worlds from blocks of different materials, live in them, explore them, and share them with others. During the course, you will learn the basics of the game, such as how to move around, build, break, collect resources, deal with enemies, and more.

But that's not all! In addition, you will also learn how to use the game to deepen your understanding of some of the most important ideas in the world of programming, such as variables, conditions, loops, problem-solving, visual imagery, and more, all with the help of the main course topic: Code Builder. Code Builder allows us to program using blocks within Minecraft anything you can imagine!

*Registration includes a subscription to Minecraft EDU!

Is the game for me?
The answer is: Of course! The game is suitable for those who want to learn to play Minecraft or expand their knowledge in Minecraft - as long as you meet the

Computer running with Zoom

Scratch Programming

Join us and discover an uncomplicated and user-friendly coding language that allows you to create entertaining digital stories, games, animations, and much more!

We will learn the basics of programming, understand how computers operate, and, in the process, we will develop problem-solving skills, creative thinking, and a deeper understanding of programming.

In the course, we will give a lot of space for self-expression, cooperation, and learning.

What's in the course:
  • First project - introduction to the scratch environment
    Continuation project - conversation between characters
  • Short project - writing code that draws pictures
    Game project
  • A short project - a playing orchestra
  • A personal project that includes applying everything learned throughout the year, developing an original idea for a game/animated story/animation
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Math games

"Mathematics reveals its secrets only to those who approach it with pure love, for its own beauty." (Archimedes)
In our course you will discover that mathematics is actually a kind of "game" and fun, which you can "play" alone or with friends. In this course we will face challenges, activities, mathematical games and learn to "think outside the box"!
Course plan: puzzles on Pascal's triangle, sequences of different shapes, submarines and mathematical thinking, combinatorial geometry and decomposition of shapes, puzzles on division of numbers

YouTube and Video Editing

The course focuses on the Filmora software and YouTube platform work environment. Initially, participants gain a solid grasp of basic editing tools, progressing to advanced visual effects for enhancing the final product. The curriculum also covers industry conventions and accepted practices in editing and channel management. The ultimate goal is to bring each participant to effectively manage a personal YouTube channel featuring their original content/products.
Course structure:
The entire session includes a lecture segment where participants will apply their learning through individual project work. This involves outlining solutions, addressing technical issues, and receiving advice on improving content.

Applications Development

In the apps course, participants will learn how to develop different types of apps and games all by themselves, while learning how to use the MIT app inventor platform, developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They will use visual programming and will get to know the way each of the parts they use for their code works.

The list of topics in the course:

  • types of visual elements on the app inventor platform
  •  sensors
  • blocks and code
  • Variables
  • Functions in code blocks
  • Use of text box and other
  • input methods
  • Parallel the "app inventor" platform to the Python programming language.


Creative Writing

Do your children read a lot of books and want to create their own stories?
Do they get a hundred in Hebrew and go to the library every week?
During the class, children will practice building a world, characterizing characters, writing descriptions, and interweaving a plot in a small and intimate group with a young instructor, lecturer, and literature researcher, who writes and talks to your children at eye level.
The program is dynamic and will change according to the atmosphere of the group, the preferences and pace of the children, and perhaps even following current events (such as the weather). The purpose of the course is to open the world of writing to the children, to awaken the spark in them, to improve their confidence in their writing and creativity, and to give them ideas and styles that they can develop in the future when they want to express themselves or anything else in written words.

Space Travel

Come and be young space scientists!
Join a fascinating class where you will be a partner in the space exploration process!
There is no known boundary where space begins or ends!
The celestial bodies found in the universe are galaxy clusters, galaxies, nebulae, planets, and small stars.
We will explore the history of the development of the celestial bodies, their compositions, and their movements!
Join us to watch space flights and understand what adapted conditions are. Get ready to explore questions that engage atmospheric researchers and are perfect for young space scientists!


In this program, we will learn JavaScript language, which is the language that powers the Internet. Every website that we open runs code in the JS language that allows it to work. During the course we will learn the language in depth, learn how to use it in the internet environment, and with the help of the knowledge we will gain, we will create the game Space Invaders and create a painter software.

How we will learn:
Throughout the course we will create several small projects to practice the learned material in addition to building two large projects. The first is the game Space Invaders and the second is a painter's software.


Chess is considered a combination of science, sport, and art. It contains countless moves and is known for its ability to develop decision-making, problem-solving, and creative thinking among children. Our program is for young beginners who have no experience in chess. They will learn how to play, win, and enjoy chess.


From presentations and lectures in the classroom to negotiations for a work promotion and political discussions in the Knesset, the ability to convince and speak in front of people is crucial for anyone aiming to succeed. Debating serves as a competitive and enriching game.
"Is the rapid progress of AI a danger or good news?" "Do grades help or hurt students?" "Should people be forced to vote in elections?" These are just a few examples of the topics under discussion.
How to learn: Right from the first lessons, you will engage in the "debate game." The sessions consist of a brief theoretical part followed by a practical part, with a focus on providing feedback and a personalized follow-up.

AI - Artificial Intelligence

FWant to easily create and design? It's very easy with AI, and anyone can do it! In this course, we'll explore AI, understand how it works, and learn how to use it effectively. We'll use it to create images, characters, videos, animations, books, and presentations. Get ready to create unique products and have fun! Opening a Google account is a must.

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